10 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for War Gamers

Wargamers know Twitter is far more useful than debating the latest celebrity break-up and seeing what LeBron and Beyonce are up to. Follow the right accounts, and you can find yourself privy to latest releases and what isdeserves  your valuable game purchase dollars.  You might even find a diamond in the rough.

Here are 10 must-follow Twitter accounts for war gamers.  Plus, some extras for good measure. I used the net follower method for sorting to devalue follow you now follow me strategies.


1. GMT Games

9,600 Net Followers

Tweets about GMT Games, the monthly GMT Games Newsletter, and the GMT Blog. Retweets include information on GMT Games and GMT associated designers and products.  A must follow!



2. Katie’s Game Corner


Katie is a fresh new face in a hobby with a lot of stale old faces! She talks openly about mental health with great bravery. She also loves to play wargames and takes great pictures. Her blog is worth the read.


3. Moes Game Table

2,900 Net Followers

4. consimworld

2800 Net Followers

Conflict simulation boardgaming news, discussion and much more! Managed by John Krantz who also manages the wargaming social media site http://www.consimworld.com and host of the epic wargame convention Consimworld Expo in Tempe in June!


5. Mark Herman

2,600 Net Followers

The most prolific and thoughtful wargame designer of our time. Mark is still designing and sharing his thoughts on the industry through his tweets.

6. Volko Ruhnke

2,600 Net Followers

Volko is the creator of the smoking hot COIN series. He has a big brain and he is not afraid to use it. A very thoughtful spokesman whose structured approach to gaming and simulation always makes me think. Very serious picture on his profile.

7. The Players’ Aid

2,300 Net Followers

The Players’ Aid is a blog about all things Board Games and War Games, with a smattering of RPGs as well. Lots of good interview output of the designers you know and love.



8. MMP Games

2,200 Net Followers

9. Academy Games

2,100 Net Followers

11. The Wargamer

1,800 Net Followers

10. RBM Studio

1,700 Net Followers

Home of the great Rodger MacGowan, Publisher of C3i Magazine, President RBM Studio, Vice President & Art Director GMT Games. He has been an art icon in the wargame world for over 40 years! Lots here and you’ll even get notice of the next C3i when published – I find myself counting the days!


11. hexandcounter

1,700 Net Followers

From Moscow, Russia with love! Co-owner of proWargames. Wargames and Military History. Lots of great pics and commentary.

Compass Games

1,600 Net Follers

12. Space Rumsfeld

1,500 Net Followers

Home of a great almost monthly podcast on war gaming with plenty of news, interviews and commentary. Lot of good wargaming tweets sprinkled on top.


13. Joel Toppen

1,400 Net Followers

Fred Kiesche

1,200 Net Followers

14. Big Board

1,100 Net Followers

15. Marco Arnaudo

1,000 Net Followers



by Harold Buchanan @hbuchanan2


And a few more…..

11. Flying Pig Games

600 Net Followers

20. Mark Johnson

800 Net Followers

15. Rally in the Valley

600 Net Followers

16. eastfrontgames

500 Net Followers

Mountain Navy

400 Net Followers

17. Bobby Factor

300 Net Followers

19. GrogHeads

500 Net Followers


  1. Brooklyn Wargaming

300 Net Followers

Kimber VanRy is a prolific wargaming and history blogger, and President of Metropolitan Wargamers in Park Slope. A great mix of board wargaming, minis and history.




25 thoughts on “10 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for War Gamers

  1. Thanks Harold. Very kind of you. I am still in awe of how approachable designers like you and your fellow COIN brethren are. Thanks for designing such great games and also thanks for being willing to speak to people like us about them. You were my 2nd or third interview and I really am grateful. Let me know if you’d like to talk about Campaigns of 1777.


  2. […] 10 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for War Gamers THIS podcast is composed of 2 Parts. Part 1 is a meeting I had in San Diego with Bruce Mansfield, Designer of COIN Volume 9 Gandhi. Bruce was in town for a conference. I picked him up at the USS Midway museum and we drove to a local game store to play some Twilight Struggle. We will discuss a variety of things in our small talk between cards. […]


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