INsurgency IN INdianapolis


On Thursday August 1, 2019 in Indianapolis, wargamers from around the world will meet to share stories and play wargames.  It will be a friendly insurgency as we all seek to squeeze a little wargame out of the world’s largest game convention!

We will meet in The Gen Con Games Library  They have invited us to make some table markers so be on the look out.  Set aside your entire Thursday (if you can) and we will wargame likes it 1999.

Lucas OIl

Be sure to buy tickets to use for the Gen Con Games Library as it is about $2 for 4 hours in predetermined blocks.  We plan to start at 8:00-8:30 to maximize the wargame goodness and will be there all day. Be patient at set up as this is the first time we have been through this process!

Travis Crowe created a geeklist (BGG) to allow us to schedule games all weekend!

Harold is responsible for securing some sweet giveaways to players present at set times. Expect to see one or two of his games and some other COIN goodness. More to follow but thanks in advance to these sponsors!

Uwe Eickert and Academy Games wants to demo their new 3rd Ed Conflict of Heroes games. Uwe also committed to support with door prizes.

Decision Games is going to demo their entry level wargame Vikings: Scourge of the North at 3:00. Do is also going to give us some door prizes and an awesome coupon for his booth!

We have a lot of door prizes.  I expect to award one or two every 2 hours starting at 9:00 AM.  You must be present to win.

The great Rodger B MacGowan has prepared tee for the event and the guys at The Players’ Aid (Alexander and Grant) are printing them. You can pick up your tee from the Payeraid guys at the INSurgency. Here is a pic of a draft design from RBM.

RBM Shirt 5 11

Otherwise, we are encouraging everyone to wear a blue shirt (so no one gets lost!)

Share your email to be added to email notifications.  We will also open a BGG site for players to promote wargames they want to play during the 4 days. Stay tuned for more.  Questions to @haroldbuchanan2 on Twitter or hankhankhank on BGG.

Remember what Ben Franklin said in 1776: “We must all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately”. See you on Thursday August 1 ( and after!)