Harold on Games Podcast #8 with Jack Greene – NOTES


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This podcast is singularly composed of an interview with designer Jack Greene. We will discuss his upcoming design, Bear Flag Republic.

Jack Greene is one of my favorite people in the business of designing wargames. Despite delivering lectures to me about the bankruptcy of capitalism, Jack has been a positive influence on me as a roll model for kindness, positive disposition and just being fun to be around. His perspective on the hobby frequently opens my eyes as he talks about matters of power, diversity and career when those discussions don’t come very easily.

Jack graduated from Whitman College Class of ’71 majoring in History. Eleven short years later Jack won a Charles Robert Award for Bismarck 2 as the Best Initial Release of hat year. in 1982 he was inducted into the Charles S. Roberts Hall of Fame for his powerful portfolio of naval conflict simulations.

Jack wrote a number of books on topics around World War 2. His company Quarterdeck Games published Iron Bottom Sound, Destroyer Captain, Norway 1940, as well as other titles.

The next game for Jack will be the much-anticipated Bear Flag Republic published by One Small Step Games. Bear Flag Republic is a card-enhanced game for 2 players based on California in 1846-47 at the time of the Mexican-American War.

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The Civil War in Mississippi

The Civil War in Louisiana

Alabama and the Civil War: A History & Guide

California Conquered: The Annexation of a Mexican Province, 1846-1850

History of California

Civil War Volumes 1-3 by Shelby Foote

California Conquered: War and Peace on the Pacific

History of California


A House Divided


Iron Bottom Sound

Bismarck 2

Destroyer Captain

Fleet Admiral

Ironbottom Sound

Ironclads Expansion Kit, The

Wargamer: Macarthur: The Road to Bataan

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Harold on Games Podcast #7 with artist Terry Leeds – NOTES


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This podcast is singularly composed of an interview with Terry Leeds who the Graphics Director at the San Diego Air & Space Museum, a wargamer, and a gifted wargame component designer. We will tour the museum and talk about Terry’s work.

Terry Leeds followed in his father’s footsteps when he joined the navy. His father flew over 150 combat missions in F-4 Phantoms in Vietnam. After a significant time in the pilots seat, Terry moved into intelligence. He cultivated a love for art and wargames while in the navy for 11 years and the navy reserve for 12 years retiring after 23 total years.

He found a place to exercise his love for art at the San Diego Air & Space Museum, and has worked there for more than 10 years. He is currently the Graphics Director and leads the graphics team on their mission to enhance your experience at the museum. Their work is outstanding with promising plans for the future.

In the 1990s, Terry got involved doing counter and map work for Ed Wimble and Clash of Arms Games. Today he has counter, map or box credit for over 60 games and magazines. His favorite contributions are related to Clash Of Arms La Bataille Series and Battles of the Age of Reason games and of course Liberty or Death. Spending a good bit of time with GMT Games recently, he did work on Liberty or Death, At Any Cost Metz, Fields of Despair and Cataclysm. He is currently working on Mr President, Imperial Struggle and Tank Duel. He also did a breakthrough map for the most excellent game coming in Strategy and Tactics 316, The Campaigns of 1777 by your truly.

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23 Royal Welch Fusiliers

Brigade of the American Revolution

National Treasure

National Treasure Revolutionary War segment

Terry’s Gaming Resume Below


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“Navy Blue & Gold”, Women’s Glee Club Alumni Reunion Concert

“Eternal Father”, The Navy Hymn, Naval Academy Glee Club Tribute to Pearl Harbor.

War on Drugs


African Kaiser


Bomber Boys

Americas War for the Greater Middle East

Kaisers Pirates



Shape of Water


Combat Commander

Great War Commander



1777: The Year of the Hangman (2002) Map, counters, box Atlantic Navies: Command at Sea Volume VII (2008) Ship counters and game markers Baltic Arena: Command at Sea Volume VI (2005) Cover art & design Barons’ War (2004)Map, counters, box La Bataille d’Orthez (2000) Counters La Bataille de Lützen (1999) Counters and box design La Bataille des Quatre Bras (1991)Map, counters, box design BAR: Brandywine & Germantown (2000) Counters Close Action (1997) Updated 2nd Edition Counters CA: Rebel Seas (2002) Cover design Epic of the Peloponnesian War (2006) Maps, Counters, box Fear God and Dread Nought (2001) Box design and counters Harpoon Naval Review 2003 (2003)Cover design Harpoon: South Atlantic War (1991)Cover design High Tide (2003)Box and counters Landships! Tactical Weapons Innovations 1914-1918 (1994)Upgraded German counters Lobositz: First Battle of the Seven Years War (2005)Map, counters, box design Struggle for Europe series: The Mediterranean (2005)Box Mighty Midgets: Command at Sea Volume V (2003)Cover design Dawn of the Rising Sun: The Russo-Japanese War (2004)Counters and box design Summer Storm: The Battle of Gettysburg (1998)Counter sheet layout Triumph of Chaos (2005)Map, card back design, box Triumph of Chaos v.2 (Deluxe Edition) (2018)Deluxe map Wallace’s War (2009)Map and counters Whistling Death (2003)Box design


Various issues: Maps for internal articles La Bataille de Vauchamps (2014)Map and counters The Lash of the Turk (2011)Map, counters, cover design Cover design:Bualo Wings (2010), Deathride: Mars-la-Tour 1870 (2008), Guerra a Muerte (2008), Hungarian Nightmare (2011), Operation Cartwheel (2008), The Pocket at Falaise (2009), Storm Over Taierzhuang (2007), “Tarleton’s Quarter!” (2010), There Must Be a Victory (2009), Verdun: A Generation Lost (2009)


Cover artwork for all 21 games


Nightfighter Ace: Air Defense Over Germany, 1943-44 (2018)Counters, play aids, box cover art, card back design


At Any Cost: Metz 1870 (2018)Map Cataclysm: A Second World War (2018)Maps Fields of Despair: France 1914-1918 (2017)Map Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection (2016)Map and card back design MBT (second edition) (2016)Infantry counters Genesis: Empires and Kingdoms of the Ancient Middle East (2015)Cards Pax Romana (2006)2nd Edition Cards Panzer Expansion #4: France 1940 French infantry counters Paths of Glory Deluxe Edition (2018)Deluxe Tournament map Currently working on Tank Duel, Imperial Struggle, and Mr. President


The Campaigns of 1777 (2019) Map and counters