Harold on Games podcast #10 with Uwe Eickert – NOTES


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THIS podcast is singularly composed of an interview with designer Uwe Eickert. We will discuss his company Academy Games and their plans for the coming year.

Uwe Eickert is the CEO of Academy Games. He founded the company 10 years ago.

He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA specializing in corporate finance and strategy from The Ohio Sate University! His hobbies include soccer, playing the violin, martial arts, painting, and sailing. He speaks German, Spanish and of course English.

Uwe won the James F Dunnigan Design Elegance Award for his Conflict of Heroes series. His game designs won the Charles S Roberts Award and the GAMA Best Historical Boardgames Awards in 2009, 2010 and 2012.

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Uwe Eickert on BGG

Academy Games

Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear

Conflict of Heros: Storm of Steel



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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Tony Rice

Doyle Lawson

The Steeldrivers



Red Rising

A Hundred Miles of Bad Road: An Armored Cavalryman in Vietnam, 1967-68

Harvard Business Reviews

Germany and the Second World War series

Armchair General

Jo Nesbo



Worthington Games

GMT Games

Origins Game Fair

World Boardgame Chanpionship


COIN Series

878: Vikings – Invasions of England

1775: Rebellion

Conflict of Heros: Storm of Steel


Panzergruppe Guderian

Freedom: The Underground Railroad




Agents of Mayhem

The Mind

Through the Ages

Twilight Struggle


War in the Pacific




The Punisher




The winner and honorable mention of the Liberty or Death July 4th CHALLENGE!!!!

I counted 15 entries in the Liberty or Death July 4th Challenge. I selected 1 winner at random.  The winner is Jay  M on BGG! There were also 4 very creative honorable mentions below and I will send a token of my appreciation!  Winner then honorable mentions below. Thanks for playing!

The Winner – Jay M on BGG

Jay M (Race bannon)

Honorable Mention

Liberty or Death and Rebel Fireworks  – Gordon on BGG

Thibault Nguyen de Cossette is at Place des Vosges, Paris France

Thibault Nguyen de Cossette

Colby Higgs Liberty or Death with a convenient Declaration of Independence

Colby Higgs

Liberty or Death conference of the Indians David Taranto on Twitter


Other Notables

Harold on Games podcast #9 with Meeple Lady – NOTES


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Screenshot 2018-07-07 10.32.04Dgb-dNhUwAU0mqcScreenshot 2018-07-07 10.36.09Screenshot 2018-07-07 10.33.58Screenshot 2018-07-07 10.35.21Screenshot 2018-07-07 10.36.52

During my trip to Consimworld Expo in Tempe Arizona, I interviewed a number of interesting people. This is the first of those interviews.

THIS podcast is singularly composed of an interview with prolific gamer, blogger, pod caster and social media thought leader, Meeple Lady. We will discuss what she loves about Consimworld Expo and conflict simulations in general.

Meeple Lady has lived in Phoenix for 13-plus years and is a proud first-generation immigrant from the Philippines. She is originally from Los Angeles and attended UCLA.
She jumped into heavy gaming (euros and wargames) about 4 years ago, and tabletop board gaming in general a few years prior to that. Meeple Lady started a blog a couple years ago mostly to write about the different games she plays and her experience as a (relatively new) gamer.

She has been a professional copy editor for most of her career and wants to do more rulebook editing work to combine her two passions.

Thanks to the Indianapolis based band Brother O’ Brother for the intro and outro music. They will be playing at the Gen Con Opening Night Party. Check them out at brotherobrother.com.


Meeple Lady Blog

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Reaper at the Gates – Ember in the Ashes Series by Sabaa Tahir


Pax Profiriana

John Company

Fire in the Lake

Battlestar Galactica





Twilight Struggle

Meeple Lady Top 100 on BGG

Arkham Horror


West World

Game of Thrones

Better Call Saul

Thor: Ragnarok

Black Panther

The Avengers

Deadpool 2

Logan’s Run

The Poseidon Adventure

Towering Inferno




Harold on Games Podcast #8 with Jack Greene – NOTES


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This podcast is singularly composed of an interview with designer Jack Greene. We will discuss his upcoming design, Bear Flag Republic.

Jack Greene is one of my favorite people in the business of designing wargames. Despite delivering lectures to me about the bankruptcy of capitalism, Jack has been a positive influence on me as a roll model for kindness, positive disposition and just being fun to be around. His perspective on the hobby frequently opens my eyes as he talks about matters of power, diversity and career when those discussions don’t come very easily.

Jack graduated from Whitman College Class of ’71 majoring in History. Eleven short years later Jack won a Charles Robert Award for Bismarck 2 as the Best Initial Release of hat year. in 1982 he was inducted into the Charles S. Roberts Hall of Fame for his powerful portfolio of naval conflict simulations.

Jack wrote a number of books on topics around World War 2. His company Quarterdeck Games published Iron Bottom Sound, Destroyer Captain, Norway 1940, as well as other titles.

The next game for Jack will be the much-anticipated Bear Flag Republic published by One Small Step Games. Bear Flag Republic is a card-enhanced game for 2 players based on California in 1846-47 at the time of the Mexican-American War.

Thanks to the San Diego based band Subliminal Trip for the intro and outro music. Check them out at itunes, Spotify and Facebook.


Jack Greene on BGG

Jack Greene BGG Designer of the month

Three Moves Ahead Episode 395: JACK GREENE

Battle of San Pasqual

Battle of Monterey

Joel Toppen

San Diego Mormon Battalion Historic Site


Subliminal Trip: Spotify

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Subliminal Trip: YouTube – Be Set Free

Subliminal Trip: YouTube – Dem Government

Bob Marley

Third World

Jimmy Cliff


The Civil War in Mississippi

The Civil War in Louisiana

Alabama and the Civil War: A History & Guide

California Conquered: The Annexation of a Mexican Province, 1846-1850

History of California

Civil War Volumes 1-3 by Shelby Foote

California Conquered: War and Peace on the Pacific

History of California


A House Divided


Iron Bottom Sound

Bismarck 2

Destroyer Captain

Fleet Admiral

Ironbottom Sound

Ironclads Expansion Kit, The

Wargamer: Macarthur: The Road to Bataan

Norway 1940

Bear Flag Republic

Pursuit of Glory



The Horse Soldiers


Harold on Games Podcast #7 with artist Terry Leeds – NOTES


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This podcast is singularly composed of an interview with Terry Leeds who the Graphics Director at the San Diego Air & Space Museum, a wargamer, and a gifted wargame component designer. We will tour the museum and talk about Terry’s work.

Terry Leeds followed in his father’s footsteps when he joined the navy. His father flew over 150 combat missions in F-4 Phantoms in Vietnam. After a significant time in the pilots seat, Terry moved into intelligence. He cultivated a love for art and wargames while in the navy for 11 years and the navy reserve for 12 years retiring after 23 total years.

He found a place to exercise his love for art at the San Diego Air & Space Museum, and has worked there for more than 10 years. He is currently the Graphics Director and leads the graphics team on their mission to enhance your experience at the museum. Their work is outstanding with promising plans for the future.

In the 1990s, Terry got involved doing counter and map work for Ed Wimble and Clash of Arms Games. Today he has counter, map or box credit for over 60 games and magazines. His favorite contributions are related to Clash Of Arms La Bataille Series and Battles of the Age of Reason games and of course Liberty or Death. Spending a good bit of time with GMT Games recently, he did work on Liberty or Death, At Any Cost Metz, Fields of Despair and Cataclysm. He is currently working on Mr President, Imperial Struggle and Tank Duel. He also did a breakthrough map for the most excellent game coming in Strategy and Tactics 316, The Campaigns of 1777 by your truly.

Thanks to the Portland Oregon based band Jenny Don’t and the Spurs for the intro and outro music. Check them out at jennydontandthespurs.com



23 Royal Welch Fusiliers

Brigade of the American Revolution

National Treasure

National Treasure Revolutionary War segment

Terry’s Gaming Resume Below


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Song: Jenny Don’t & the Spurs – My Only Desire : YouTube

Song: Jenny Don’t & The Spurs-Rattlesnakes and Dogs : YouTube

“Navy Blue & Gold”, Women’s Glee Club Alumni Reunion Concert

“Eternal Father”, The Navy Hymn, Naval Academy Glee Club Tribute to Pearl Harbor.

War on Drugs


African Kaiser


Bomber Boys

Americas War for the Greater Middle East

Kaisers Pirates



Shape of Water


Combat Commander

Great War Commander



1777: The Year of the Hangman (2002) Map, counters, box Atlantic Navies: Command at Sea Volume VII (2008) Ship counters and game markers Baltic Arena: Command at Sea Volume VI (2005) Cover art & design Barons’ War (2004)Map, counters, box La Bataille d’Orthez (2000) Counters La Bataille de Lützen (1999) Counters and box design La Bataille des Quatre Bras (1991)Map, counters, box design BAR: Brandywine & Germantown (2000) Counters Close Action (1997) Updated 2nd Edition Counters CA: Rebel Seas (2002) Cover design Epic of the Peloponnesian War (2006) Maps, Counters, box Fear God and Dread Nought (2001) Box design and counters Harpoon Naval Review 2003 (2003)Cover design Harpoon: South Atlantic War (1991)Cover design High Tide (2003)Box and counters Landships! Tactical Weapons Innovations 1914-1918 (1994)Upgraded German counters Lobositz: First Battle of the Seven Years War (2005)Map, counters, box design Struggle for Europe series: The Mediterranean (2005)Box Mighty Midgets: Command at Sea Volume V (2003)Cover design Dawn of the Rising Sun: The Russo-Japanese War (2004)Counters and box design Summer Storm: The Battle of Gettysburg (1998)Counter sheet layout Triumph of Chaos (2005)Map, card back design, box Triumph of Chaos v.2 (Deluxe Edition) (2018)Deluxe map Wallace’s War (2009)Map and counters Whistling Death (2003)Box design


Various issues: Maps for internal articles La Bataille de Vauchamps (2014)Map and counters The Lash of the Turk (2011)Map, counters, cover design Cover design:Bualo Wings (2010), Deathride: Mars-la-Tour 1870 (2008), Guerra a Muerte (2008), Hungarian Nightmare (2011), Operation Cartwheel (2008), The Pocket at Falaise (2009), Storm Over Taierzhuang (2007), “Tarleton’s Quarter!” (2010), There Must Be a Victory (2009), Verdun: A Generation Lost (2009)


Cover artwork for all 21 games


Nightfighter Ace: Air Defense Over Germany, 1943-44 (2018)Counters, play aids, box cover art, card back design


At Any Cost: Metz 1870 (2018)Map Cataclysm: A Second World War (2018)Maps Fields of Despair: France 1914-1918 (2017)Map Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection (2016)Map and card back design MBT (second edition) (2016)Infantry counters Genesis: Empires and Kingdoms of the Ancient Middle East (2015)Cards Pax Romana (2006)2nd Edition Cards Panzer Expansion #4: France 1940 French infantry counters Paths of Glory Deluxe Edition (2018)Deluxe Tournament map Currently working on Tank Duel, Imperial Struggle, and Mr. President


The Campaigns of 1777 (2019) Map and counters

Harold on Games Podcast #6 with Professor Patrick Rael – NOTES


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Patrick Rael is a Professor of History at the prestigious Bowdoin College in Maine. He was awarded a Ph.D. in 1995 in American History from the University of California, Berkeley. African-American history is Patrick’s specialty and he is the author of numerous essays and books.

Today we are going to talk about his seminar class, Historical Simulations, in which he works to answer the questions: Can board games teach history? Is it possible to analyze them as historical interpretations? What would such analyses reveal about both history and the way it is represented in popular culture? Which game mechanics or approaches to design seem to be better able to promote historical arguments? What factors may impede the representation of the past in games?

The Seminar Explores the past while addressing these questions. It examines six topics in history and plays one game related to them. Topics include: the age of exploration and discovery, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, frontier exploration, slavery, and the American Civil War.


Join the Harold on Games guild on Board Games Geek and leave me a comment with your thoughts and ideas. Thanks to the San Francisco based Jeff Denson for the intro and outro music. Check them out at http://www.jeffdenson.com . Do me the favor of sharing the podcast with a few friends. That will help to get the word out.

Danielle Allen

Pomona College Commencement

The Declaration of Independence




Patrick Rael’s BGG Blog Ludica

No Longer a Trivial Pursuit: Using Games to Teach History


Can board games teach history? (HIST2624, Bowdoin College, F17)


Real-live adversaries! In-your-face victories!


Battle of Midway

Battle of Austerlitz

What If History: Is There Any Validity To Counterfactualism?


Jeff Denson

Jeff Denson: Spotify

Jeff Denson: Facebook

Jeff Denson Trio Live in Berlin: Alone Together: YouTube

Can; I’m Green: YouTube

The Beatles



The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism

Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America

The Slave’s Cause: A History of Abolition

Roger Crowley

John Shy

The Terror by Dan Simmons



The Patriot

Ready Player One

Deadpool 2

Jessica Jones

The Terror


Colonial: Europe’s Empires Overseas

Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection

Founding Fathers

Lewis & Clark: The Expedition


Freedom: The Underground Railroad

Divided Republic

Battle of the Bulge

Terrible Swift Sword

Through the Ages

The Grizzled




Andean Abyss

Falling Sky

Jim Dunnigan

Secret Hitler

Pandemic Legacy



Water Disaster Partially Averted by GMT Boxes!


Enjoying a day off when my daughter walked in and asked why the garage was full of water. I entered the garage to find water shooting out of the water heater like a gray whale surfacing for air. After cutting off the water, I surveyed the damage. The biggest problem was a bag and a plastic container, both full of games. Both were also full of water as I had placed them optimally in front of the water heater spray. I mentally wrote them off to a salvage operation and went about getting everything else out of the water.

Then, I dug into the games.  The frustrating part is these are the containers I usually keep in my car but had removed as I had family in.  Family left and I was slow about putting them back in the car.  Sigh……  Both the bag and the container were full of water.

7th Fleet – complete loss – 2 games – a friend had given me a good price on 2. I was able to pull out a couple of maps and a few counters in zips.  Zips are the unsung hero here. Anything in zips avoided water damage.


Leaving Earth – Survived as I had stored everything in zips except the rules.  I can reprint those but they don’t look to bad. Box went in the trash.


Manoeuvre – sitting sideways in the container it took the full brunt. Pulled counters out in zips and of course the dice.  I expect to replace this lite but fun game.  Easy to teach and fast to play.

2018-05-24 14.29.15Cuba Libre – the first GMT Box miracle! I literally pulled the game out of the water and after a quick wipe down, everything but the box top survived.  The box must have sealed and it is robust enough that it didn’t soak through in the time I waited…..  My group puts this on the table often so I am happy it has been saved.


Combat Commander Europe – GMT box miracle number 2.  Also submerged in water, neither box top or bottom survived, but the only damage to the contents was a touch of water damage on one map.  There was water on the counter tray and on the box my buddy Pat Wells put my counters in – but other wise perfect! My most played game (in a close race with TS – so I am happy!

John Company – Box destroyed – contents saved!  Another great box with a tight fit!

Twilight Struggle – Survived in whole as I brought it inside to show my father in law!  Random act of fortune?  I don’t think so…..


Liberty or Death – the sad part of the story is that my players copy of Liberty or Death did not make it.  I removed the pieces as i keep them in zips but the beautiful map did not survive……. ;-(

2018-05-24 14.38.12A few random copies of Strategy and Tactics and Fire and Movement – very absorbent I am sad to say.

Sekigahara – dead

2018-05-24 14.35.32Notes and prototype of Flashpoint: South China Sea – I saved my notes and the wooden pieces but the rest will have to be reprinted.

In summary I expected much worse.  My biggest loss was the 7th Fleet.  I will replace all the other board games and I will email GMT to buy a few boxes.  The GMT Boxes were awesome and held up great – I did not expect that.  and anything in zips was fine.

Words of wisdom: This all could have been avoided if i had put the games back in my car on a timely basis.  Secondly – don’t put your games on the floor – if you put them in a box that will be on the floor, put a buffer under them.  And lastly – store everything in GMT game boxes…..