Harold on Games podcast #9 with Meeple Lady – NOTES


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10 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for War Gamers


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During my trip to Consimworld Expo in Tempe Arizona, I interviewed a number of interesting people. This is the first of those interviews.

THIS podcast is singularly composed of an interview with prolific gamer, blogger, pod caster and social media thought leader, Meeple Lady. We will discuss what she loves about Consimworld Expo and conflict simulations in general.

Meeple Lady has lived in Phoenix for 13-plus years and is a proud first-generation immigrant from the Philippines. She is originally from Los Angeles and attended UCLA.
She jumped into heavy gaming (euros and wargames) about 4 years ago, and tabletop board gaming in general a few years prior to that. Meeple Lady started a blog a couple years ago mostly to write about the different games she plays and her experience as a (relatively new) gamer.

She has been a professional copy editor for most of her career and wants to do more rulebook editing work to combine her two passions.

Thanks to the Indianapolis based band Brother O’ Brother for the intro and outro music. They will be playing at the Gen Con Opening Night Party. Check them out at brotherobrother.com.


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Hip Hop Freestyle / Gangsta Rap Type Beat by Markezi Producer


Reaper at the Gates – Ember in the Ashes Series by Sabaa Tahir


Pax Profiriana

John Company

Fire in the Lake

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Twilight Struggle

Meeple Lady Top 100 on BGG

Arkham Horror


West World

Game of Thrones

Better Call Saul

Thor: Ragnarok

Black Panther

The Avengers

Deadpool 2

Logan’s Run

The Poseidon Adventure

Towering Inferno




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