Harold on Games SPECIAL podcast #2 San Diego Historical Games Convention – NOTES

I recorded some of the sounds of the 2018 San Diego Historical Games Convention. The SD Hist Con took place over Veteran’s Day Weekend in November and included special guests Mark Herman, John Butterfield, Ananda Gupta, Morgane Guoyon Rety, and Volko Ruhnke to name a few.

In this first segment, Volko kicks off our designer challenge. This year the focus is on the COIN game Pendragon. Along with the games’ Designer Morgane Gouyon Rety Volko takes on 5 games. Each played one of the Barbarian factions and moved between tables to take their turns.

We are going to check in with them while they play through this challenge. We will also check in with other players at the convention to see what they are playing and how it is going.

O.Shane Balloun runs a Dune game at the con every year. He also runs a great boardgame convention out of Bellingham Washington in January if you are available. Here he and my son Trey give me a recap of the game at different points. We also sprinkle in some additional updates of whats going on across the con.

The board game bootcamp has been with us since the beginning. Tim and Karl spend most of the con making teaching games and spreading the love.

Thanks to Edgar Malik and his San Diego, California based band Shaolin Signal for the intro and outro music. Check them out Facebook, and You Tube.

I will close with a special thanks to the participants of the 2018 SD Hist Con. We are already working on a bigger better event for 2019. Check out the web site at www.sdhist.com or search for us on Face Book.


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