The Winner and Honorable Mention of the July 4th CHALLENGE!!!!

I counted 11 entries in the July 4th Challenge this year. I selected 1 winner at random. The winner is thedavel on BGG! There are a number of very creative honorable mentions below.

The Winner! – thedavel on BGG


thedavel goes to extremes here to frame and participate in his art!  WOW!

Honorable Mention

Alexander Breit

Alexander Breit on BGG Note that Alexander is in Germany, all British leaders, the “Hessians” card, held by an actual Hessian, with the most Hessian things imaginable, Grüne Soße , also with a Schnitzel for added German-ness, and Ebbelwoi. As an added bonus points, the picture was taken by an actual Brit! I bet Alexander loves to crush the rebellion!

Peter Bl

Peter Bl from BGG has Burgoyne surrounded!

Scott Jones

Scott Jones from Facebook sets the mood through lighting!

Diego Soto Alvarez

Diego Soto Alvarez focuses on the LoD coat of arms by Terry Leeds on Facebook

Ron Olszewski

Ron Olszewski on Facebook tells us what Washington did in his free time.

Stephen Rynerson

Stephen Rynerson on Facebook shows Thomas Jefferson surveying the field of conflict.

Volko Ruhnke

COIN Father Volko Ruhnke on Twitter shares a game with his mug from Colonial Williamsburg.

Trevor Just

Leonidas 9 has some clipping to do. Campaigns of 1777 from Strategy & Tactics #316

Last but not least is my good friend Morgane who crossed national borders to check the Campaigns of 1777 map against the actual work of Terry Leeds on the Campaigns of 1777 map. Great pics from Fort Ti!

See last years competition here: The winner and honorable mention of the Liberty or Death July 4th CHALLENGE!!!!

Let me know if I missed something!  Thanks for your participation!


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