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  1. Hey Harold, really enjoy the podcast. I’m new to wargaming coming in from the euros after discovering I like direct conflict boardgames and getting more interested in history as I get older. Keep up the great content and don’t be shy about starting a patreon to support the show. I’d gladly chip in for this to keep going.



  2. Harold,

    Thank you very much for your kind thoughts about Reluctant Enemies. Such recognition by a respected member of our little wargaming community is much appreciated.

    I also thought that RE achieved it’s purpose of making the OCS more accessible.

    Chip Saltsman deserves equal credit here. He is the author of the OCS Starter Guide provided with RE.

    As you may know we believe in our system, with all it’s strengths and flaws. Hopefully many more will succumb to it’s “nuclear spider bite”.

    OCS Honco
    Designer – Reluctant Enemies.

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  3. Hey Harold,

    I’ve been making my way through the newer podcasts you began creating as we all went into lock-in, and just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed listening and how much I’ve appreciated your efforts in bringing us the designers, historians and players you’ve highlighted.

    I just listened to your podcast with David Thomas — I’m doing them in order so I don’t miss one — and really loved the stories he told. The informal format of these is simply brilliant for these times.

    They’ve made my daily walks, which I’m not always excited about doing. But when I remember I’ll get to hear another podcast, there’s no stopping me from grabbing the headphones.

    Again, thanks. (I’ve listened to many of your other, earlier podcasts, too.) You wildly succeeded in getting some great content to wargamers.


    Gregg Keizer
    Creswell, Ore.

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  4. I enjoy your podcasts. Two suggestions: 1.) The interview w/ Riccardo Masini was interesting, and it is clear that the hobby is rapidly internationalizing. More interviews w/ overseas gamers would be great. 2.) Your podcast in some ways is uniquely positioned to explore the history of the hobby. They already do this institutionally at times as you probe the history of SPI, AH, and GDW w/ individuals who were part of those enterprises. But what about a focus on the evolution of rules, subjects, etc. (i.e. the games themselves.) When did steps emerge? Who did that? When did card driven mechanics emerge? What did they do that dice could not? What was the influence? Area movement vs. hexes? Most of your listeners probably have little pieces of this story but not a narrative. You with your connections w/ long timers could really connect the dots in an interesting way. Keep up the great contributions!


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