Harold on Games podcast #11 with Mary and Tom of Hollandspiele – NOTES


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THIS podcast is singularly composed of an interview with game company owners developers and designers, Mary and Tom. We will discuss what is coming next from everyone’s favorite little game company.

Since all three of us were miced for this recording, I used an experimental method to record my voice. My voice is hard to hear but the great content comes from Tom and Mary so I went ahead and posted the best version I could produce.

Mary and Tom met in the late nineties and became friends over our shared love of film and science fiction. They started dating and were married several years after. They got into hobby gaming in 2010. Tom worked as a freelance designer, eventually shifting his focus from euro games to wargames. In 2015, Mary started working for Tiny Battle Publishing, overseeing the production and development of their first fifteen titles before leaving to focus on getting Hollandspiele off the ground. In 2016, they launched Hollandspiele and in the two years since they’ve released over thirty games.

Thanks to the Visalia, California based band Slow Season for the intro and outro music. Check them out Facebook, Spotify and iTunes. Also, thank you to the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra for their rendition of The Legend of Zelda – Suite

Mary and Tom Russell of Hollandspiele




Slow Season: Spotify

Slow Season: iTunes

Slow Season: Facebook

Slow Season: Wasted Years video

Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra








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