Harold on Games podcast #12 with Brian Train – NOTES


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THIS podcast is singularly composed of an interview with prolific game designer and insurgent provocateur, Brian Train. We will discuss the myriad of games he brought with him to ConSimWorld Expo and his future plans.

Brian attended the University of Victoria studying Political Science.  The university mottoes, shown on the UVic Coat of Arms, are ‘Let there be light’ (in Hebrew) and ‘A multitude of the wise is the health of the world’ (in Latin).

Brian is a proud veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and lives in British Columbia. He has worked for the Government of British Columbia for over 25 years as an Education Officer within the Ministry of Advanced Education.

Over the last 25 years, he has had magazine articles published in the following magazines: Command, Counterfact, Cry Havoc!, Modern War, Paper Wars, Strategy and Tactics, World at War, and YAAH!.

In addition, he has published games with BTR Games, Compass Games, Decision Games, Fiery Dragon Productions, Flying Pig Games, GMT Games, Hollandspiele, Lock n’​ Load, Microgame Design Group, One Small Step Games, Schutze Games, Simulations Workshop, Strategy Gaming Society, Steambubble Graphics, and Tiny Battle Publishing.

I’ve gotten to know Brian’s work through his excellent designs A Distant Plain and Colonial Twilight and dinners at ConSimWorld Expo.

Thanks to the Visalia, California based band Slow Season for the intro and outro music. Check them out Facebook, Spotify and iTunes.



Slow Season: Spotify

Slow Season: iTunes

Slow Season: Facebook

Slow Season: Wasted Years video

Industrial Rock



The Residents

The Cramps

Hasil Adkins



Zones of Control



JG Ballard

William Gibson

Bruce Sterling

Phillip K Dick

Joanna Russ

James TapTier



Steven Colbear

Seth Meyers

John Stewart






Twilight Struggle

Nights of Fire

Days of Ire

Finnish Civil War (Paper Wars Magazine)


Chile 73

Strike for Berlin

The Brief Border Wars Quad

  • The Soccer War (1969)
  • Turkish Invasion of Cyprus (1974)
  • China / Vietnam (1974)
  • The Second Lebanon War (2006)

The District Commander System

  • Algeria (1959)
  • Vietnam (1969)
  • Afghanistan
  • Maracas



Caudeal (Venezuela)

Thunder Out of China (COIN)

Ukrainian Crisis

The Little War

Colonial Twilight

A Distant Plain


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