Harold on Games SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT on Soundcloud

Harold on Games SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT on iTunes

Harold on Games first podcast dropped in March of this year.  Since then we have interviewed notable designers including:

Volko Ruhnke

Mark Herman

Martin Wallace

Ananda Gupta

Uwe Eickert

Brian Train

Cole Wehrle and others

The response has been fantastic. As a matter of fact we have just exceeded 20,000 downloads!

In celebration of the reaching the 20,000 download benchmark, I am going to run a promotion.  In cooperation with RBM Studio, we are giving away 2 copies of the just released C3i Magazine Number 32. This awesome gaming magazine includes two complete games from Mark Herman and Frederic Bey and lots of great gaming interviews and articles.  Rodger MacGowan has exceeded expectations again!

To enter, reply to my Twitter or Instagram message on this topic & tag a friend who loves game podcasts.

For another chance to win, post a review on iTunes for Harold on Games. Send me an email so I can identify your funky iTunes ID.

In the coming months, I will randomly select one winner from social media and one winner from iTunes. Rodger MacGowan and RBM Studios will send you a complete copy of the latest C3i Magazine, Number 32 in all its glory

Lots of great content to come with Harold on Games including a discussion with Gene Billingsley, Boss at GMT Games and games industry veteran. Hear from the man that picked Twilight Struggle and the COIN Series to be hits before we had ever heard of them. I also talk to Morgan Guoyone-Rety about changes in her life and her process in designing her masterwork Pendragon with the development help of the Volko. An interview with Rodger MacGowan, and of course more from Mark Herman.

Stay tuned for a big 2019 and stay involved for a shot at the latest C3i Magazine courtesy of RBM Studios and the icon himself, Rodger MacGowan.

Special Thanks to The United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps recording of Sequence One.


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