Podcast #17 Morgane Gouyon-Rety NOTES


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Morgane Gouyon-Rety studied Latin and Greek in High School in France as she contemplated a career as historian / archaeologist. Instead she went for an engineering degree graduating from Supélec, one of France’s top engineering schools, in 1993 with degrees in Electrical Engineering, with Major in Theoretical Computer Science
She was an Ensign 1st Class (R) in the French Navy and later got an MBA in Lausanne Switzerland. Morgane has lived in France, UK, Dubai, Switzerland, California, and Quebec and is now the General Manager of FSG Technologies, a technology venture developing an innovative steam generation technology

Her passion for history, especially ancient history, and the influence of her grandfather drove her toward books and eventually wargames.

Her first true wargame was: Iliad by International Team she received for her 10th birthday. Her
first design was “Le Droit de la Lance” (The Law of the Spear), PBEM multiplayer game. That was followed of course by the much-anticipated COIN Volume 8, Pendragon.


The Expanse

A Game of Thrones


Johnny English Strikes Again

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The Expanse

A Game of Thrones

The Last Kingdom

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