Podcast #20 Consimworld Expo and an interview with John Kranz the founder


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This podcast is built around a report on Consimworld Expo. It is composed of both a discussion about my trip to Consimworld Expo 2019 in Tempe Arizona and an interview with the host and founder John Kranz.

Consimworld Expo 2019


Tempe, Arizona 

Tempe Mission Palms Hotel

US Civil War

The Napoleonic Wars

Unconditional Surrender

Battlestar Galactica


Pax Pamir


Flashpoint: South China Sea

2019-06-26 18.48.27

The Wild Weasel, Brian Train, Nick Karp, Harold Buchanan,  Mark Herman

Podcast recordings: Bruno Sinigaglio, Stuka Joe, John Kranz, Brian Train, Chris Fasulo

Gene Billingsley, Mike Bertucelli, Kurt Keckley, Brian Train and Jeff Grossman, Mark Simonitch and my gaming friends, End of the Trail, Bruno Sinigaglio, Rodger Miller, Meeple Lady, Doug Johnson and Doc Cummins, Stuka Joe.

John Kranz

John Kranz at Compass Games, Consimworld Expo, Tempe Mission Palms Hotel.


Compass Games Inc. Ken Dingley, John Kranz, Brian Laskey and Bill Thomas


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The Winner and Honorable Mention of the July 4th CHALLENGE!!!!

I counted 11 entries in the July 4th Challenge this year. I selected 1 winner at random. The winner is thedavel on BGG! There are a number of very creative honorable mentions below.

The Winner! – thedavel on BGG


thedavel goes to extremes here to frame and participate in his art!  WOW!

Honorable Mention

Alexander Breit

Alexander Breit on BGG Note that Alexander is in Germany, all British leaders, the “Hessians” card, held by an actual Hessian, with the most Hessian things imaginable, Grüne Soße , also with a Schnitzel for added German-ness, and Ebbelwoi. As an added bonus points, the picture was taken by an actual Brit! I bet Alexander loves to crush the rebellion!

Peter Bl

Peter Bl from BGG has Burgoyne surrounded!

Scott Jones

Scott Jones from Facebook sets the mood through lighting!

Diego Soto Alvarez

Diego Soto Alvarez focuses on the LoD coat of arms by Terry Leeds on Facebook

Ron Olszewski

Ron Olszewski on Facebook tells us what Washington did in his free time.

Stephen Rynerson

Stephen Rynerson on Facebook shows Thomas Jefferson surveying the field of conflict.

Volko Ruhnke

COIN Father Volko Ruhnke on Twitter shares a game with his mug from Colonial Williamsburg.

Trevor Just

Leonidas 9 has some clipping to do. Campaigns of 1777 from Strategy & Tactics #316

Last but not least is my good friend Morgane who crossed national borders to check the Campaigns of 1777 map against the actual work of Terry Leeds on the Campaigns of 1777 map. Great pics from Fort Ti!

See last years competition here: The winner and honorable mention of the Liberty or Death July 4th CHALLENGE!!!!

Let me know if I missed something!  Thanks for your participation!


A Fifth of the Fourth – or – a day late and a bit short; playing Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection (@gmtgames, 2016) #wargame #boardgame #waro

Liberty or Death on July 5th!

RockyMountainNavy Gamer

AFTER A VERY FULL DAY OF WARGAMING ON THE FOURTH OF JULY, I was up early again on Friday. Lucky to have the day off, I pulled out Harold Buchanan’s contribution to the COIN-series, Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection (GMT Games, 2016). Knowing that today was going to be a bit busy, I set up the Optional Sprint Scenario of The Southern Campaign. I played the Patriots (of course) and let the ‘bots take the other players.

Earlier this year, I was able to experience Brian Train’s two-player COIN game, Colonial Twilight: The French-Algerian War, 1954-62 (GMT Games, 2017). Although I have played Liberty or Death for several years now, it was not until I played Colonial Twilight that I grokked the relationship of Commands, Limited Commands, and Special Activities. Now that I grok those relationships, it helped make this play of

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Podcast #19 Trevor Bender NOTES



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Trevor Bender started war gaming at age 11 when he was introduced to Panzer Blitz. Many other Avalon Hill titles followed, as well as home-grown tweaks of existing designs.
His first published material appeared in Military History magazine, then later in The General, The Boardgamer, Operations, C3i and Strategy & Tactics Magazines. His first game publications were scenarios for the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War (GCACW).

In 2014 Trevor had a conversation with Volko Ruhnke about using the Labyrinth game to model the Arab Spring. A two year effort followed that resulted in the first expansion called Labyrinth: Awakening, and which will shortly be followed by Labyrinth: Forever War.

He is also working on a up to 6 player COIN game on the very recent Syrian Civil War.
Trevor has a Bachelors in History and Political Science from BYU and a Masters in National Security from Georgetown. He is an active volunteer in Scouts BSA, has been married 28 years and has four children and one grandchild.


#Wargame First Impression – Campaigns of 1777 (@HBuchanan2 in Decision Games. Strategy & Tactics 316, May-June 2019)

RMN Gamer on Campaigns of 1777!

RockyMountainNavy Gamer

Harold Buchanan already has earned my respect with his entry in the GMT Game COIN -series. Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection (2017) is in some ways a revisionist look at the American Revolution. I really enjoy the game; it is amongst the top 10 titles in my collection. So when I heard that Harold was getting another American Revolution game published I waited impatiently for it’s release. Campaigns of 1777 finally arrived in Strategy & Tactics 316. Although Campaigns of 1777 will never replace Liberty or Death(nor was it intended to) in my pantheon of games, the title will get played because it is an enjoyable, challenging exploration of the 1777 campaign year.

Campaigns of 1777 is a classic campaign battle game, but with a few innovative twists to make it fresh. It is not hex-and-counter but uses point-to-point movement. The game also uses a chit-pull…

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Harold Buchanan Interviews Gene Billingsley from GMT Games

Dude! Take Your Turn!

Harold Buchanan is the illustrious game designer of the American Revolution game Liberty or Death as well as the awesome-sounding game Flashpoint: South China Sea (which has made the cut! Woo!! I’m on that list).


He also has a great podcast called “Harold on Games” where he interviews noted game designers, artists, and other figures in the boardgaming industry.

Recently, he did a 2-part interview with Gene Billingsley, founder of the great company GMT Games. Since joining the gaming world, I’ve enjoyed many of their games, including my #1 game ever played, Time of Crisis.

I listened to Part 1 last week and finally got to Part 2 this week.

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Podcast #17 Morgane Gouyon-Rety NOTES


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Morgane Gouyon-Rety studied Latin and Greek in High School in France as she contemplated a career as historian / archaeologist. Instead she went for an engineering degree graduating from Supélec, one of France’s top engineering schools, in 1993 with degrees in Electrical Engineering, with Major in Theoretical Computer Science
She was an Ensign 1st Class (R) in the French Navy and later got an MBA in Lausanne Switzerland. Morgane has lived in France, UK, Dubai, Switzerland, California, and Quebec and is now the General Manager of FSG Technologies, a technology venture developing an innovative steam generation technology

Her passion for history, especially ancient history, and the influence of her grandfather drove her toward books and eventually wargames.

Her first true wargame was: Iliad by International Team she received for her 10th birthday. Her
first design was “Le Droit de la Lance” (The Law of the Spear), PBEM multiplayer game. That was followed of course by the much-anticipated COIN Volume 8, Pendragon.


The Expanse

A Game of Thrones


Johnny English Strikes Again

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The Expanse

A Game of Thrones

The Last Kingdom